About Me

I am an art historian living in Bologna, Italy. In this site I share excerpts from my two books and my main research topics, published and unpublished.

My focus is on methodologies of art historical research and I am particularly interested in building research paths based on the interplay of knowledge.

I am specialized in the field of book illustration and Divination Books. I have attributed several prints to Renaissance artists and I published a monograph on books of fate: Il libro delle sorti di Lorenzo Spirito Gualtieri, Modena, Panini 2006. This year I have published new research regarding little known aspects of the history of art and culture between the late 19th century and early 20th century: Somnii explanatio. Novelle sull’arte italiana di Henry Thode, Roma, Viella 2014.


*Thanks to calligapher Barbara Calzolari for the gothic inscription